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Conlang phonologies in SynthV: Ḋraħýl Rase

Sound English voicebanks (e.g. Eleanor) Japanese voicebanks (e.g. Renri)
p [p] p Aspirated. p
t [t] t Aspirated. t
k [k] k Aspirated. k
s [s] s s
f [f] f f
n [n] n n
m [m] m m
ḣ [x] hh h
ħ [ħ] hh h
h [h] hh h
r [ɹ] r r
ṡ [ɬ] s l (-1.5pow2 syllable onset in note properties, at onset), l s (+1.5pow2 syllable coda in note properties, at coda) s r (-1.5pow2 syllable onset in note properties, edit voicing parameter as needed to devoice accidental vowels)
l [l] l Tends to velarise. r When in a coda, increase the Syllable Coda property.
v [v] v v
g [ɡ] g g
ṅ [ŋ] ng N
d [d] d d
b [b] b b
ż [ɮ] none? none?
z [z] z z
ġ [ɣ] none? none?
ḋ [n] n n
ṫ [t] t Aspirated. t
a [a̟] ah, ae a
â [äː] ah, aa a
e [e] eh e
ê [ɛː] eh e
i [i] iy i
î [iː] iy i
o [ʌ] ah none?
ô [oː] ow Increasing the Syllable Nucleus property can reduce the glide. o
u [ɯ] uh No ix available. u
û [uː] uw u
y [i] iy i
ŷ [yː] none? none?

Note: Neither English nor Japanese voicebanks support nasalisation.