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kozet’s Arka portal

Starter resources

The official Arka website is no longer maintained (it seems), but it’s a good resource for people who want to learn about Arka.

The Vulgar Arka dictionary is still updated (albeit in Japanese); this is the dictionary you should be using.

A work-in-progress translation of the above dictionary in English.

Titlil Gas’s portal.

Kakis Erl Sax’s wiki is a great place for historical Arka materials if you can read Japanese.

diakacte poten tier e trim – Discord server for speaking in Arka.

What to watch out for

Also see this page of common mistakes.

Things that aren’t mentioned in the official site, at least not well.

What happened to Seren Arbazard?

SEREN ARBAZARD SETES SAT XE, HAYU LU ES FOS. el sain sen tu kon fi oktfesk.

Nias Avelantis

The relevant news article was taken down, but here’s an archive link (Japanese). I’ll leave it at that.