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My Wizard101 dabblings

Note: I am permanently retiring from Wizard101 because its exploitative monetization. If anyone knows of a game like Wizard101 that isn't P2W, then let me know.

My Wizards

Name School Level Rank (3rd age)
Samantha CrowCaller Life 120 708
Cheryl FrogBane Ice 100 500
Nicole GreenRiver Storm 44


My guides

Spooning with the chat filters

Innocent sentences that get caught (red-handed?)

  • Baal licked 69 beer-soaked grapes.
  • Beowulf @ Sussex: unwithholdingly get in slick unknightly bazaars
  • Hii, (I)'m su-ckoncussed thaat (I) cccan't paass Wizzard101's chhat fhilters.

Some ways to get around the filters

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