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My personal projects

Things I do on my own. Also see AGC’s projects.


ztš was created before the great Modern Rymakonian do-over. It is a sound change applier for weird languages like mine, complete with Lua scripting.


nmrqr, named after a randomly-selected five-letter string, is a Rust program to procedurally generate music by generating bad music and making random changes to make it better.


halen is an esoteric programming language that I made after getting disappointed by the F/GO gacha. Its syntax consists of curse words and the names of Fate/Grand Order servants. Despite having five letters, halen was not selected randomly but rather named after the Welsh word for ‘salt’.

Now also in a less vulgar siwgr flavour!

mel to :mel:

A Firefox extension (GitLab) that replaces every occurrence of ‘mel’ with a weary-faced bread emoji. Also see the older Chrome version.


kozet-gdb-stuff is a collection of files to customise GDB. No longer will you have to type set disassembly-flavor intel every time you want to look at some assembly without wanting to rip your eyes out! (Oh yeah, and glm and kfp pretty-printers as well.)


kraphyko is an image editor for the TI-89. I wrote most of it a long, long time ago, but made some revisions relatively recently.


bag is a very slow programming language. Time to relive the experience of programming graphing calculators!

VS Code stuff

Failures at bullet hell engines