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Learn Mođëp'öso

but before you do...

I started on this conlang during the autumn of 2009. Wow, that's old! I was only 12 back then! In fact, I didn't know much about linguistics and ripped off what I knew about Spanish! This means that the phonology is incorrect. It should actually be as follows:


bilabial labiodental dental alveolar postalveolar retroflex palatal velar uvular epiglottal
plosive p' /p/
b /b˞/
'p /p̪/ t d d' /ɖ/ c k
fricative f ŧ /θ/
đ /ð/
s ś /ʃ/ š /ç/ k' /x/
nasal m° /m̥/
n° /n̥/
ń /ɳ/ ñ /ɲ/
approximant ŭ /w/ ř /ɹ/ ĭ /j/ (ŭ)
lateral l /l/
trill x /ʙ/ ŕ /r/ r /ʀ/ q /ʢ/
implosive p° /ɓ̥/
b° /ɓ/
k° /ɠ̊/

Miscellaneous: p /hp/ l' /lɹ/ č /k̩ʼ/ s° /s↓/ ç /ʡ↓/ r: /ɾ/


back central front
closed û /ɯ/ u ï /ɨ/ e /i/ ü /y/
y /ɪ/
ô /ɤ/ o ë /e/ ö /ø/
mid i /ə/
ÿ /ʌ/ ō /ɔ/ ē /ɜ/ ê /ɛ/
ä /æ/
open a

Additional matter

<ä>, <ÿ>, <ĭ>, <ŭ> and <ï> are written as <a'>, <y'>, <i'>, <u:> and <i:>, respectively in the documentation linked below, because I have yet to convert them.

There are two other orthographies for this language: the oldest one uses apostrophes (and later, colons), and the other one requires combining characters.

Also, the images were drawn in MS Paint and two of them are in JPEG format, because I didn't know better back then.

The grammar is just Spanish without gender, adjectives, the more complex TAMs or indirect object pronouns, and with the direct object pronouns imitating those of English.

now without further ado, here's the original documentation.

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