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Check out my new article, “The reason of Ŋarâþ Crîþ’s existence”!

Essays and such

The reason of Ŋarâþ Crîþ’s existence

Enough with the fake conlangs!

The curious case of the comma

The road to Ŋarâþ Crîþ v9

The Ŋarâþ Crîþ v9 website

Fabricking a path toward ŊCv9

Documenting ŊCv9

šinteselneri (“The Dative Case”)

Songs in conlangs

Making SynthV sing in conlangs.

kalte e blenz

cerecaþa artfaþo

Nifty conlang gadgets

The cþ-date

Phonorun reduction utility for Middle Rymakonian

Things about conlangs made by other people

I have a whole page on Arka. Also see translations of a lot of things about Arka.

Languages of the Domains

Domain I

Domain II

Domain III

Other languages