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kalte e blenz (land of flames)

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rens / kelk: kozet
ivl: faras palt
xiv: elenor forte / lenli yamine

Lyrics / Music: kozet
Revision: faras palt
Voice: Eleanor Forte & Yamine Renri

Arka English
non sedo sen tu seta? Can I erase this history?
tu et dia tis eyo? Is this just a dream, I wonder?
yul tu fengra e vix dan non aaxa kel sen. I can never forget this spiderweb of deep wounds.
myulla, non so sen yuu. Sadly, I can do nothing.
tu et ax xanel eyo? Is this correct, I wonder?
yul flek t'amalis navan non elf vil olta non misk. No matter how much I try, I can't escape this persistent wasteland of memories.
faal ver maladir sen malz. The black sun confuses 10,000 butterflies.
virtes miyu durne a faar. The white moon turns night into morning.
nalt l'iklat yu im yumel or rig o dask lex xea im tur. The castle built long ago is now breaking down to sand.
pot age enken age. Inside a spiral unlike a spiral.
non ager ins le na yuu lol. I spin around the indifferent eyes.
tu ako han es evi. This wide ground is dry.
see, pot jan lejemme, Then, in the purple sky,
silfi et nok yun ixirius A flash appears like a mirror
le ladat yu diakeian kokko eez diix. Made by a dreamchaser with glimmering icicles.
yunfil, amox alishanoi, re skin mol xelt, Sweetly, among the amaranths, sit under the moon,
lana rig aav minat o lef sen To break the brittle chains and be able to run
i max navanel. Tenaciously from the hole.
tet mesepn alvelt despa miiko fir But the dim halls seal the white cat
mil la ins sen yuu kilvix tuan kaen fledir. Because it can see none of your cuts on the palm.
leskel, tyu oj esk fulkaaf o niit molen faal, You touch the gentle pink rain elegantly under the sun,
o luk kokko hasl, yun avom reian. re rant waal. And walk with the rhythm like a lone wolf. Listen to the pendulum.
non meaxt sen tu seta? Can I rewrite this history?
tu et fiana sete? This is reality, right?
lamb rik i ra luutes Ants leave their home
apot vortmain e fite. Inside a rabbit's corpse.
see, tyu ins le far imel Well, do you see the yellow light
xi tek sein e firvern? Behind the birch leaves?
fai vien or gao The strong fire is growing
ka fia le si netfaal. In a world with no dawn.
kon tak e blenz, le fax fan With flame arms that are going to hug
meltel ento erimfo Warmly, that my heart
noan mat sat tuuno fim Is about to shatter the the brittle earth,
yul kolo o main vem. My scared mind and body.
yun galf le milm firtel Like a galaxy dancing brightly
kor axea anlfir, Toward the ultramarine shore,
re et vern, re et vern. Burn away, burn away.
non alti las efop. I let go of the frozen hand.
mil tu alem, non na fiks, I feel dizzy because of my heart,
tal fai halen non vatl vil non. But the fire above me can't reach me.
ou xante niit, ren rant tu miks O gentle full moon, listen to this song
le non ar fan fiina tu That I'll sing for this
fia knoos o fiiyu. Strange and wonderful world.
-- ketta, — Well,
fai halen fai. Fire above the fire.
yul jan soret non ins sen, I can see the blue sky,
o, vext molen vext. And ice under ice.
ai, xi esp fir o flap. At last, under the soft white clouds.
ka luat e wal kai At the foot of the great mountain
le vijon janke kor, That the wagtails fly toward,
teeze ik sod romel The wind has stopped suddenly
o teltik le fap. And has blown the smoke.
see, sa le alj Then in front of the waxing crescent
amoxen Next to
eev dot yunen hird The waves, forceful like a shark
looz ifixial At the edge of the old city
im took e hartvird At the end of the sultry night
lena aaxa leev axel lana en laap axel We'll never leave each other so we never miss each other
var tuus salt sein, non ladia tu. For these years, I wish for this.
non ladia tu. I wish for this.
non ladia tu. I wish for this.
non ladia tu. I wish for this.
non ladia tu kokko alem enat. I wish for this with my own heart.
cate, caifa. The storm, meteor.
re kea kern vix tuan. Fix your broken wings.
esp minat, esk teom. Fleeting clouds, eternal rain.
le teeze rig vil non. The wind can't break me down.
ka gana alakai In this barren land
e vaan sid e goma, Of the old army of foxes,
yuu taf sil hacn noan. No one will take my friend.
-- eev sein badand axea e tad. — The waves crash against the stone shore.
see, mol tu zom le vesel Then, under the tree that alone
xa klik sort o reino Stands on this cold, lonely island
pot tier xeden fi, In the sea without anything,
ka appel le non ins sen. In the border I can see.
ka tu kalte e xivaesk In this place of downpours
non ter vil le fai le miyut velt a faar. I can't hear the fire that turned darkness into morning.
non left sen a far varmil e faal xan. I can jump to the orange light of the sun.