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The conlinguistic meaning of Arka

Translated from the original Japanese on 2020-12-30.

It is the point that its language, culture, and climate are all original. And it is the point that they were thoroughly created in detail. This is the first time in history that this combination has been attempted, and there is a scholarly and artistic significance in this.

In Old Arka, there was an influx of natural languages, and Established Arka was mechanical and could not be said to be a human language. That is, the craftmanship was lacking. New Arka is purely “a creation of a fictional naturalistic language”, and there is scholarly and artistic meaning to testing how far it can be perfected.

This plan is as far from those of an international auxiliary language as can be. In the case of Esperanto, how far it can spread is the subject of concern. The spread of a language is a social activity, and the linguistic activity is another thing. Unlike with Esperanto, Arka’s creator specializes in linguistics and is more interested in linguistic activities than social ones. This is why the creator does not try to recklessly promulgate Arka.

Today’s world of conlangs is dominated by international auxiliary languages, of which Esperanto is the leading character. Esperanto is a criterion of a value system, and it is even a paradigm. The value system is biased only toward international auxiliary languages. The existence of Arka proposes a new value system. By this meaning, Arka has a significance in the history of conlangs.