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How does Arka differ from other conlangs?

Translated from the original Japanese on 2020-12-30.

1. It has an a priori conlang

New Arka was created using Old Arka and Established Arka as a base. These two languages are both a priori. To put it simply, it means that it was not ripped off from natural languages such as English. However, the complete rejection of natural languages as an a priori conlang began during Middle to Late Established Arka.

2. It has an a priori conculture

Arka has a unique conculture called Antis. Wolves (avom) are the symbol of the military and soldiers, and rather than being derided as a ferocious and brutal animal, they are depicted as daring and resolute.

This cannot be decided in a language without an established culture. The image of the wolf cannot be defined if there is no established culture. Although even without a culture, a name can be assigned to the species called “wolves”, no symbol or image can be established for them.

3. It has an a priori conclimate

Arka has a unique conclimate called Atolas. Arbazard, the country in which Arka is primarily spoken, is much like southern France on Earth. Because wheat is the staple food there, there are distinct simple words for “bread” (pof) and “sliced bread” (koka). In contrast, both “rice grain” and “rice plant” use the same word past. If there is no established climate, then one cannot define how the world is cut up.

In addition, the combination of the conculture Antis and the conclimate Atolas is the conworld called Kaldia. The combination of the conworld Kaldia and the conlang Arka is called Arxidia (“the lunar fantasy”).

4. The language, culture, and climate are a priori; moreover, Arxidia is the only one that has them polished

The language, culture, and climate are together a priori, and there is nothing that has perfected these to the same degree as Arxidia (2010). In addition, the point that Arka is an a priori language that is used in practice on the Internet and in real life is also extremely distinct (the same year). (In general, a posteriori conlangs are easier to use. The difficulty of using an a priori language in practice is high.)

The most famous conlangs, such as Esperanto, are a posteriori. A posteriori means that it is a language that, so to speak, has ripped off a natural language. When compared to a priori conlangs, a posteriori conlangs are more readily made because they take less effort.


It has been repeated many times that it is a priori, and originality and craftmanship are the merits of Arka. An original lexicon, a unique fictional culture, and so on: they leave an important point that “nothing exists; it is a world of pure daydream”. It specializes in the artistic element.