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Lanj: 2014/1/23 (1/2)

Translated from the original Japanese.



Thirty years of hard labor in Venakalka.

When it came to behavior after they left each other, no one considered her to also be at fault, and no one sympathized with his regret.

Rather, they thought that the suffering he had endured for eight years, his long period of resentment, was abnormal and made the punishment more severe.

He would not forgive society’s lack of understanding.

Yet this place was terrifying. It was not only hot but also cold. Even medical treatment was cruel. In particular, even if his tooth ached, he would have to wait several months just to have it pulled out. His body would ache, he would be bullied by his roommates, and the kalkan would not treat him like a human. No matter what happened, there was always a fear of dying from disease.

And thirty years to boot. He wanted someone to kill him right now. But he was forced to live in torment.

Today was the day that he started dating Mel.

Only net users came to the trial. There were no letters or face-to-face visits. He must have been abandoned.

At night, as he endured his pain, someone called to meet him.

When he went to the visiting room, thinking that there could not be anyone wanting to see him at this hour, Liiza entered from the other side of the door.


“It’s been a long time.”

“Why here? You shouldn’t have found where I was…”

“Well, now. Then why don’t we return home?”


“Since your trouble drew attention from society, we couldn’t get you out right away.”

“Get me out?”

“As things are, we’ll return to Arna Bridge. Oh, you drive back.”

He spotted a kalkan looking at them. He made an unpleasant face. “Umm… I’m sentenced to thirty years here, after all?”

“You’re special. At most, eight months is enough for you.”