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Lanj: 2013/6/30

Translated from the original Japanese.



As soon as he left the hospital, he was arrested on charges of attempted murder.

If he could not leave the world along with her, then he could not keep to the words she said when they were still lovers. This was no problem.

However, after that, her death would be announced because this was a criminal matter, and the future before his eyes was bleak. Because he had failed to die, she, faultless, ended up dying alone.

She was not there anymore. She would never come back. He himself was the one who ended up doing this in such a way.

He was asked questions in the interrogation room.

What would happen if he let them know what she said in honesty?

“She said that just to say she loved you, don’t you think? You really took it literally?”

Just like that, his thoughts of her at that time would be sullied.

Those moments would be treaded on because this was tasteless.

He explained that he was abandoned by her and had a resentment against her. That itself was true, and those around him would understand.

Still, what about the motives? How would they react if he suddenly showed them that he had been planning this since 2011?

If they became aware of a chance to make him confirm that the son was going to school in April, then that would mean that he intended to move forward on his plan on May 21, as written in the novel that he wrote his plans into beforehand.

But because there were no irregularities, he then changed his plans to be from their meeting on June 27, their tenth anniversary.

If they knew the plan, then “her words” lingering in the background would eventually pop up. If that happened, then they would find out that it was not mere resentment. He could not let anyone know about his plans.

He pretended that his motivation for the crime was simply resentment, and then stated he became violent against Liiza, his mother, the day before and left the building, and that he was totally frightened because he could not survive without turning to her for help. That is, he used his desire to distance himself from her as his motivation.

He decided to tell them that he regretted making his wife and his mother reject him, even if he could get in touch with his acquaintances.

However, they pointed out the consistency that there was no link between his inability to make a living and his stabbing of his ex-wife whom he divorced eight years ago.

At the time of the offense, he had savings to retrieve, and in the worst case, he could depend on welfare. They told him that they could not explain how he could make a living, yet not be able to do so.

They felt that he might have been lying about these things without experience in doing so.

In the end, he persisted in blaming his resentment, and that information reached the mass media.