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Lanj: 2013/6/28 (1/2)

Translated from the original Japanese.



Seren drove to Esta’s apartment. He had two knives inside his clothes.

She was heading toward the station to take her child to school. She had come out with her child at 8:06.

“This is the turning point of your life,” he said.

What would happen to the son if he lost both of his parents? Should he live, even for the sake of his son?

—he thought many myriads of times.

He came out of his car.

They were walking, with her right hand connected to her child’s left hand.

He wavered until the very end… then he slashed her.

When the son noticed, he abandoned his mother and ran off with a surprised look.

He at least wanted to hold his son in his arms one more time at the very end, but that was already too much to wish for.

He returned to his car and started driving.

He headed toward the railway that he had investigated beforehand. If a train came out, then he would be dead for sure.

However, there was a patrol car under the overhead line, and he could not use his planned site. He drove to seek another railway.

But he was not familiar with the place, and even the navigator did not show railways.

If he did not pick off a place with few enough people, then he would end up being taken to the hospital and saved.

He cruised the car.

The patrol car sounded its siren and started moving. Had the first report already come in?

He saw a small road, and he came to a stop at a site with few people.