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Lanj: 2013/6/27 (2/3)

Translated from the original Japanese.


However, on 2005/12/19, Esta suddenly dumped Seren and left him.

Thinking that he might be dragged into the initial incident, Seren sought refuge with the police, but before long, he got a letter through a lawyer saying that she wanted a divorce.

She was pregnant. Although Seren requested for her to find advice about the child, she gave no response at all during discussions.

Although he told her that he wanted to have a proper talk about separating, she only gave him a cold exchange of letters via the lawyer.

In the end, Seren was deserted, and she gave birth to her child and set out to a fresh start.

Liiza and her company pitied Seren, who started moping afterwards, living on tranquilizers.

When Seren said in 2011 that he wanted to know where Esta was because he wanted to see his child’s face, Liiza immediately went out of her way to look for her.

Now Seren knew her whereabouts, and she did not know that he knew.

He did not know the true cause of the divorce. He could not trust her words.

However, one thing can be said: at the time of the divorce, Seren, whose personality clashed with hers, had already fallen out of love with her, and no longer loving her, he treated him cold-heartedly; she, too, showed a false smile on her face to Seren.

It seemed that she was now going to school as much as possible as a nurse.

Her son, Arxe, was six years old. He seemed to be attending school with a vigorous spirit. When he was five, he could count in Tiaren, understand fractions such as 1/3, and ride a bicycle.

He thought that the divorce caused problems to him. But he thought that it had problems even to her, who made him uncomfortable.

Even then, looking at the full picture, it was he who betrayed their love to begin with.

At the beginning, she said, “I’m not that smart. I’m just good at studying. Don’t get your hopes up.” Seren then promised, “I won’t get my hopes up too much.” However, she was even duller than he expected. And stupid. Seren came to be irritated at such a woman.

The one who broke the promise in the first place was Seren. Thus the divorce was inevitable. However, the fact that she arbitrarily decided everything without discussing anything about the child, the fact that she made him, the father, look like a fool, the fact that she snatched away the child, the fact that she only communicated with him through letters sent through a lawyer, even though he begged her many times with long sentences to talk with him about divorcing, be it through letters or e-mails.

He would not forgive that.

After they married, when they finished having sex one day and he looked down on her face, he suddenly had a hunch that “some day, this woman might be the one I want to kill the most”.