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Lanj: 2013/6/27 (1/3)

Translated from the original Japanese.



Seren was sitting on a bench at the firefly pond in Felixia University. It was near eleven o’clock.

Exactly ten minutes ago, Seren accompanied a woman called Esta, a classmate of his, to this place.

He first got to know her during a linguistics seminar, and it was the beginning of this year that he came together with her during a linguistics practicum.

They knew each other by face and name in other classes, but they first spoke to each other a year ago, when they did pair work during class. After that, when he asked the other women in the class, “who’s the smartest in this grade?”, they answered, “Esta, isn’t it?”, and thus he somehow gained an interest in her.

It reached the point that they had the chance to talk after class as well, and only two months later, they ended up going along with each other on June 27.

Although Esta tried to go to Vema after graduation, Seren wished to stay at the university. If there was a man, he would wonder whether there was a reason to stay and introduce him to her. However, she told him that she was not interested.

Ultimately, when Seren said, “Don’t worry if it’s just me”, she answered, “If it’s you, Seren, then it’s fine.” “Huh?”, Seren asked back with an unexpected look, trying to hide his embarrassment. To that, she answered, “I’m okay with you, Seren.”

When he asked, “Do you mean you’ll go steady with me?”, she answered, “Yeah.” And so they talked about whether to start a relationship.

Because it was necessary to confess earnestly, Seren said, “Yeah, I like you. Let’s go steady,” at which she responded similarly.

This was the start of his relationship with her after he confessed honestly.

That day, they kissed in front of Felixia Station. For her, this was her first kiss.

Not even one month later, they had sex for her first time. He was invited to a hotel by her, and this occurred in a hotel near Kaliz Station. No passions came out because it unfolded over a span of several hours.

Their relationship became more favorable after that, and Mel was steadily closing up. Three months later, they became married.