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Lanj: 2013/5/14

Translated from the original Japanese.


Note from Nias: This account is ported from an old edition.


Ixtal was watching an anime with a blank gaze.

Seren looked into his leizen. “This show, is it interesting?”

“Seren…. yep, it looks like it’s the hit of this season. There’s modern magic turning up in it.”

“Hhh…mm.” Seren raised his eyebrows. Ixtal turned off the leizen, looking as if she were aware.

“Seren, let’s have a talk if you’re not busy.”

That was something that Seren was worried about. There has been the occasional time when modern magic appears in subcultures such as anime.

Ever since Seren published his modern magic know-how on the net, the times this has happened had grown from year to year. Perhaps this is the influence of Seren in its own way.

However, the problem was that within the subculture, modern magic theory was put merely as a “just kidding!” expedient setting in order to entertain.

The theories firmly established by Seren through research were not even looked toward by the world. What was looked at was only a phony study of magic with a sense of entertainment. Seren’s respectable theories were never given a look.

Thus Seren felt a grudge against society. That fact was known to everyone of the orphanage.