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Lanj: 2012/6/13

Translated from the original Japanese.


Note from Nias: This account is ported from an old edition.


“Big brother, here…” mumbled Mel, holding out a pregnancy test. The result was positive.

Seren opened his eyes and asked, “For that time?”

“Yeah. I haven’t done it since May 3, so it’s for that time…”

“Is that so…”

“What do you think?”

“Oh, I’m happy as usual.”

At that instant, Seren noticed Ridia standing at the entrance of his room. She, who was supposed to be a sleeping beauty, harbored a cold feeling within her innocent face.

“I… won’t allow it,” murmured Ridia.

“… Huh?” Mel was perplexed.

As Ridia held her hand towards Seren, she calmly stated, “I won’t let this child be born. Besides, this child will get in the way of Seren’s research. You must offer the human life for your research.”

“What are you saying, Ridia…?”

“And you won’t have the power to support a child as a poor researcher.”

Having heard this, Seren was silent.

“This child won’t save you. You will have more that you must do. Give up this child,” declared Ridia like ice.

Mel looked at Seren and Ridia. As Ridia looked at Mel, she said, “What do you think?” to arouse her interest.

Mel, not seeming self-confident, answered, “Well… Seren in this kind of state and the kid… would it be too much? But I also think I want to give birth. I don’t know what to do.”

Then looking at Seren, Mel said, “Big brother, you decide.”

“Seren, you decide,” Ridia also said.

Thus Seren continued being worried, and after being worried and worried again, he said, “Let’s abort it…. I’m going to kill this child.”

Mel nodded while in tears.

“Well then, aren’t you going to name this child who can no longer be born yet life will tightly house?” said Ridia.

After thinking for a while, Seren answered, “Ridia… that’s what I’m thinking of naming it.”

Seeming surprised, Mel asked, “Why?”

Then Seren, his neck tilted, answered, “For some reason… I have a memory of making such a promise in my previous life.”


“Yes, with my love in my previous life. If I fell in love with someone else and had a child, and if I had the rights to name them, then I would name the child after my love. That was what she said, and I promised it. —I have that sort of feeling.”

“Oh…” Mel made a deep nod. “Well, this child’s name is Ridia. My child who was never born…”

“I’m sorry, Mel…”

“… It’s all right. But you’re probably not used to being a father. This time, I’m confident in that.”

“Me too…”

Thus Ridia, having gone so far as to propose the abortion, spoke her thoughts. “I think so too.”