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Lanj: 2012/12/5

Translated from the original Japanese.


Note from Nias: This account is ported from an old edition. The changes are in bold.


“Wah, this is definitely the Gavlans wind tunnel!” shouted Konoha excitedly.

Milha pressed down on her hat while anxiously tugging on Seren’s sleeve. “Seren… this was originally a regular plain, wasn’t it?”

“Oh, yeah, Mel 408, month of Kliiz, day of Paal, at 7:31 P.M. Mysterious giants went down onto the neighboring country of Diminion. As a monster was razing Diminion to the ground, they were aiming for an invasion on Arbazard.

“This place, in the city of Lestilia of Lestilia Province, was sealed by the gods, and with this power, the giant underground wind tunnel of Gavlans was created.”

Seren looked down the wind tunnel from high ground. Ordinary people were unable to enter this wind tunnel.

“That monster was the first diminion1, Yulius…” murmured Fealis resentfully. Her gaze was firm.

Liiza continued while keeping her hair from fluttering. “The gods forced open a path to Atolas and sealed Yulius, then they returned to Arfi, the world of gods.

“As a result of the path being forced open, the linking road between Arfi and our planet, Atolas, was destroyed, and from 408 on, humans could no longer communicate with the gods.”

“The summoning department has stated that they continued communicating with the gods without problem, but I can’t really believe them,” Mel added.

Miifa continued with the talk. “The humans feared an attack from the second diminion. If Yulius were released from its seal because of the diminion, then humanity, unable to get help from the gods, would be destroyed.

“For this reason, humans built the anti-diminion engine Avanxian here in Gavlans.”

“The fact that Avanxian even exists, that already shows that the summoning department can’t communicate with the gods…” Ixtal expressed in a web of words.

It was that time.

Ixtal: “Seren-nii-sama

Milha: “Seren-onii-chan

Konoha: “Seren-san

Fealis: “Seren-ni~

The orphans called out Seren’s name at the same time.

Having thought about Yulius, sealed at the other end of Gavlans, and looking there, Seren glanced at the girls.

Next, the girls raised their voices and shouted something like “Ridia is!”

When he looked, Ridia, who had been following obediently, hung her head, and her forehead glittered.”

Wondering what it was, Seren pushed aside Ridia’s bangs, but then the light vanished.

“… What was that?”

“There was a light coming from her forehead,” answered Konoha.

“I also thought she fell into a sleeping beauty state.” Fealis felt relieved.

“Milha… I was worried.”

“The light now…” Ixtal squinted.

“Well, then.” Liiza, who was crouching, stood back up. “Why don’t we go on educational field trips this often?”

When Miifa left, she pointed at Gavlans. “These are the scars of the lamvort,” she calmly mentioned.

  1. Note the distinction between “Diminion” (the country, with a capital D), or ディミニオン in the original text, and “diminion” (a term for a certain class of creatures, with a lowercase d), which is used to translate 祠徒.