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Lanj: 2012/11/15

Translated from the original Japanese.


Note from Nias: This account is ported from an old edition.


In an effort to comicalize his own published works, Seren was bringing them to publishing houses.

All of the editors were surprised by the depth of Seren’s views regarding modern magic.

But they concluded that it could not be commercialized anywhere.

During that there were times when they told him that they wanted him to wait for them to decide on the pros and cons of commercialization for half a year, as they recognized the execution of the concepts and theories.

If Seren had to say something, then he was delighted that his own works were recognized, and he was happy enough from that alone.

On that same day, the season for Evanjlan wine opened for the year, and Seren, being a destitute scholar, returned home after buying some in place of a gift.

“Even though you’re not well-known, you’re so wonderful and refined, but I’m glad that people are acknowledging your achivements,” Mel said as she gratefully accepted it.

That day, the two had a modest celebration and opened a bottle of Evanjlan between them.

Although Mel was a heavy drinker, she felt well that day and said in a cheerful spirit, “I’m feeling pretty drunk.”

Seren was also pleasantly intoxicated, and the two were in high spirits as they rolled over on the floor.

In high spirits as they were, they were drunk, and so the two fell asleep while embracing each other.

It was a day of happiness after a long while. The run-down apartment looked lovely.