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The Conlanger Test 1.1

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Last update: 21 June 2017

Being a compendium of conlanging lore, experiences, rites of passage, and humour, all masquerading as a test.

This Test is, obviously, inspired by the Hacker test. I welcome further suggestions for new questions and alterations to existing ones, and would like to point out that the test is not specifically designed to give myself the highest possible score :-)

Score one point for each question to which you can answer "yes", unless otherwise indicated. You are allowed some leeway in interpreting the questions; it's not all that important anyway.

This version of the test was created by Geoff Eddy with help from assorted members of the Zompist Bulletin Board, and modified by Uruwi (bluebear94).

Your own conlangs


Do any of your phonemic inventories contain:



Special features

Have you ever created a conlang which contains:

Advanced features

Other conlangs

Do you know useful amounts about:




Other communities

Juvenilia and Obsession

The Real World



And finally... the rankings

If your score is: You are ...
Below 0 Too honest for your own good
0 Probably wishing you had better ways of wasting your time
Between 1 and 10 A Newbie
Between 11 and 25 A Dabbler
Between 26 and 50 An Apprentice
Between 51 and 100 A Journeyman or Journeywoman
Between 101 and 200 A Master
Between 201 and 300 An Expert
Between 301 and 400 An Authority
Greater than 400 A Cheat